Pattern comparison, Lago Tank by Itch to Stitch and Staple Tank by Green Style Creations

Pattern comparison, Lago Tank by Itch to Stitch(Hibiscus prints on black) and Staple Tank(Navy and White Stripe and floral) by Green Style Creations


My favorite tank I have been wearing is getting old so that I needed to make a new one.

I had the LagoTank pattern prepped sometime ago. I thought it was the perfect time to give this pattern a go!

This pattern is made for 5’ 6” and I am 5’1”. I shorten the pattern by 2.5”.


I took ½’ at the armscye, took 1” a few inches below underarm and another 1” at the line where the pattern says shorten or lengthen.

It was easy to sew, didn’t take long to make at all, but I didn’t like that how bra strap shows, (showing a lot) and also underarm was still too low.

I have to say I was disappointed. I checked on their website to see other people’s makes, but I didn’t see the issue that I was having.

I thought about fixing the pattern, but my bra straps were anywhere near from fabric that I know I have to do major design change of the pattern.


So I decided to try Staple Tank since I have become a big fan of their pattern instead.

I adjusted Staple Tank the same way I did with Lago Tank.

(See picture below)


I think it came out well. This pattern covers bra straps, so yay for me!

Underarm came out slightly lower than I wanted, but not a big deal, I can fix it easily with my next one.



I am very thankful that Itch to Stitch if offering free patterns and I could try it, but I had to say it was not for me.

Please share with me if you have sewn both patterns.


Happy sewing!






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