McCalls 8042, #MiaMcCall Paper bag style blouse

After I made the corded lace skirt for Minerva Maker’s blog, I needed a cute top to go with the skirt.
I debated either a button-down shirt or McCall 8042, #MiaMcCall. I chose #m8042.
Check HERE for my coded lace skirt with #m8042.

Like I mentioned in my IG post, the front opening is really low. I raised 3″, but still low.
Something to remember if you are like me that not liking the front to be low cut for a top.

I like this top, but the back pattern is slightly small for me. It will be adjusted for the next one.
I may cut sleeves shorter for better movement. I will wear it a few more times to see.

This pattern is cue with vertical stripes or lace with a cami underneath, I think.
It will be pretty if I add embroidery for short sleeves.

By the way, there is a change in me about “ I have to make everything.”
I can’t believe that this is happening to me!
This fall, I bought my son’s PJ’s and bought me Levi’s jeans and this hairband.

After all these years that I had made my sons 6-7 sets of PJs every fall, I finally realized that there are PJ pants that nice and priced well. I can still make him PJs, but I don’t have to make that many like factory workers!

It got me thinking to started asking myself if it’s worth it to not having things till I make it. I can buy it and then I can still make it, right?
I finally realized that I was having “I have to make everything guilt” because I can make it and I feel better than I am free from it. I know that was silly!

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