Welcome to Studio Meggi!
Hello! I am Meg, surface pattern designer, illustrator, and sewist in Atlanta, Georgia.
I started as a sewing blog in 2015. The love of sewing got me into a surface pattern journey in 2021.

I often wondered how a little square of fabric swatch was created when I went fabric shopping.
It was mind-blowing when I learned how! I can’t stop making patterns since then.

My blog is still a huge part of what I do.
I share resources, inspirations, and what is going on in my creative side of the mind.

I am inspired by flowers, nature, what’s around me, and my memories with my friends and family.
My goal is not only to create beautiful fabric to wrap around our bodies to feel positive and strong but also to create wallpaper,
home goods, and other products to share joy and happiness.


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