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Hello, my friends ? Two more days till the weekend.
I hope you all ate having a good week!

I made this before Christmas. I am finally catching up on photos of my makes. I will be sharing more of my makes, so come back and check them out!

The girl who I work with was wearing a beautiful red cardigan the other day. It was fluffy and so cozy looking. I went to the website where she got it from to get more detail.

I pull this eyelash fleece out from my stash to see if I could make a similar one. After I cut it, I realized that it didn’t have enough weight and thicknesses. I wanted to have a warm cardigan, so I decided to layer with brushed poly knit. I think it came out pretty good.

So let me tell you about these buttons. When I started looking for my cardigan buttons, I had a specific color in mind(Black or Grey), but I had no luck.
Then, I remember about Pacific Trimming, HERE that mentioned by the Love to Sew podcast. I found the ones that I like, so I ordered them.

Did you know how amazing their customer service is?!
Even though the color I wanted was out of stock, I had the best experience! I asked for a specific color as my second option, they kindly took a picture of it and emailed it to me even though I did not ask for it. Keep in mind; The button only costs .20 cents. They knew that I only needed 6 buttons. That’s $3.30!
We exchanged about 10 emails to complete this order. I appreciate their customer service so much.
I will definitely order more if I need any trimming for sure! I hope you will give them a try if you need trimming.




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