I made me a pair of pants!! Simplicity 8299, View B


My making pants journey has been having ups and downs. I always have a fitting issue with woven pants.
They always come out with weird lines under my buns area.
I have read and tried adjusting according to “How to adjust your pattern if you have these lines”, but it never helped my pants.
So to me, it’s a big deal that I now have pants that fit me without wired lines!!

And then I found winmichele’s tutorial on how to measure and adjust pants. It made a lot of sense to me. It was eye-opening. It was an”ahh” moment.
See my adjusted pattern. It’s probably more to be adjusted, but I am very happy with it!
It looks much better than it used to be. now, I want to learn more about pants fitting.

I am so pumped to make more pants. I see pants patterns in different ways.
I am even thinking to make a sloper. Watched Suzy Furrer’s pants slopes class on Craftsy.
It’s probably will be next year’s goal since I need to start holiday gifts.?

I feel weird showing my buns area, but here you go! ?


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