Another #emmastadiumbag from @loveyousew with @RobertKaufman quilting cotton. This was also made as a gift for my youngest nephew.

I had a limited amount of fabric, so part of the fabric was not in the right direction, but I think it came out pretty.

I was so happy that I found the perfect matching towel from @amazon.


I used leather & vinyl double-sided tape from @wawaksewing for the area this time. I think it came out better this time.

You can see fox is showing right in the middle of zipper tab!

It’s a happy accident and that makes me happy!


The zipper is from @SallieTomatoPatterns.

It’s the kind that you cut the length you want and add zipper pull. I was not sure how it works, but I was able to add it easily. They have lots of video to show you how to use/make with their products.

This zipper is light but well made. I can sew over with no issue.

I normally have a heavy foot for sewing pedal?, but I went slow to sew over just to be sure.

I can’t remember the last time I completed one project from start to finish within one day, so I was shocked I could finish?

My hubby wanted to make sure that I had time to sew that day. I have a very supportive husband ❤️

I don’t know why, but I was dragging myself to get this project started. Once I started, I could not stop.

Have you ever felt that way before with your project?


Anyway, I am slowly checking my list off.

It’s almost time to start the Christmas gift projects. Are you making a holiday gifts for your loved ones and friends?
If so, share with me what you are planning ?




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