My Quick Sew Tips


When I swap my clothes when the begging of the season, I usually get excited finding garments that I forgot that I made.
It wasn’t the case this fall. I felt Like I had nothing to wear! That was so unusual for me. I don’t follow trends unless I really like. Most of my makes are a timeless or classic style.

I need to make a few garments quickly.
Here are my tips for quick sew.

1, Knit over woven (This is my go-to!)
Knit doesn’t fray, so you don’t have to worry about finishing the edges of the fabric.
If you are sewing woven, you have to finish edges and sew.
Also, jersey typically wants to curl so that you can take advantage of it on the hem. I think it’s cute that way.

2, Use a serger
Serger cleans up the edges of the fabric as pieces get to sewn together.

3, Find the pattern with fewer seams
I almost don’t need to explain, but you can finish faster if it’s less to sew!

4, Finish the UFO project
Do you have the project you started and haven’t finished and left it for whatever reason?
Go ahead and finish. It’s faster comparing starting from scratch.

5, Batch sewing
Prepping the patterns, cut fabrics, and sewing in batches.
Working in batches saves time to get ready to do those.
For me, three projects at the time seem to be my number!

6, Find the patterns that you used once(or more!)
You can skip adjusting the pattern to fit you, and you already know how to construct, so you can save time figuring out how to put pieces together.

7, (for indie patterns)use printing company instead of taping them together.

My list is getting longer, so I will stop here today.
What are your fast sew tips? Please let me know?

Disclaimer: I am not against slow sew. I enjoy taking my time to sew as well. This post is for when we need something quick.

Don’t forget to take a moment and admire your work!
Happy sewing!


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