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I had an amazing time with my son last week. I took my vacation time since he was having a fall break. He will be 10 in a few days. I thought he wouldn’t want to hang out with me much longer as he gets older.

We did all kinds of fun things together, went to a movie, made jello, play game with cards that he creates, did pumpkin carving, and much more!!

He started showing a big interest in cooking, so he had a class of how to cook scrambled eggs, bacon, and pancakes by me?
He was so sweet. He told me to sit on the sofa and took my order for breakfast one morning and his service was great!
He asked me how I would like them to be cooked and etc….he closed the door and didn’t let me get in our kitchen.

Before I took this vacation time, I planned my sewing including to make my son his birthday shirts.
He recently got LEGO of Thanos gloves (Avengers) and that gave me an idea what kind of shirt he might like and I started searching Etsy and found this perfect file to make iron-on. I had to have it. I actually found two and I just couldn’t pick one?

If you are interested in how I made, it’s on my highlight.


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