Nashville Predator Swim Bag (Emma Stadium Bag by Love You Sew)

When Love You Sew released Emma Stadium Bag last year, I immediately purchased it.

I have been looking for the perfect swim bag. I have made two of them years ago, but I wasn’t happy how it turned out.

I used it because I spend time to make it, but I made me unhappy EVERY SINGLE TIME I used it, lol.

Did you read that I made two? One was for my son and the other one was for his buddy, so I was unhappy when I saw his buddy using it too. lol

(I think I was using the wrong gauge, it was too thick for the project)

Anyway, I originally wanted to make three for last Christmas as a gift, but I didn’t have enough time then.

I already got an order from my son to make it with Spider-Man fabric. Don’t you worry honey, I know you would say that. I have the fabric ready.






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