Jelly Roll Race Quilt


Yes! I did it! I made a quilt! It’s not a potholder, Its not a table runner. It’s my first quilt that I can cover myself!!

I have made a potholder and table runner in the past, but I was always intimidated the actual quilting part.

I think that is the reason why I have a quilting top, but never finished, but now I know how!

Big thank you to a tutorial on YouTube that makes this top look so fun to make.


Here are keys for me to be able to finish this project

-Finding good tutorial, here(The tutorial I found was SO MUCH FUN!!) and here for a quilting class

-Finding beautiful fabric, so that I just had to see how it look after they are sewn together

-Choosing easy quilting stitch, just sews down the middle of stripes.

-Having a deadline (this is my mother in law’s birthday gift. I hope she will like it)


This quilt was easy and fun. I will be making more for gifts.

Now, do I want to get in very detailed quilting? Maybe in future, but for now, I will admire quilts that professional quilters made


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