Halloween Jelly Roll Race Quilt

My Halloween version of #jellyrollquilt ?
Few things happened when I was quilting and sewing binding that I am not happy about?

-I realized that some of the strips weren’t cut 2.5″ with
I tried to sew in the middle of strips just like I did with my previous jellyroll quilt. that’s where I found that out.

-Thread was getting caught on edge of the plastic spool that had a rough edge, so it kept messing thread tension. I put it in a bowl instead of a thread stand and it made a difference, but It drove me nuts ? I used the thread that I had in hand which I bought a few years ago. I didn’t know how important to have the quality of thread back then. I have some left and I want to throw it away!

Top fabric: bought on eBay. someone was selling her cut strips and I add a few from my past project

Backing Fabric: Robert Kaufman 1/8″ Black Carolina Gingham Fabric from @onlinefabricstore

The good news is that I love the backing fabric I chose? it’s so soft and feels great to touch. I do like the look of the quilt? I had enjoyed my new acufeed 1/4”seam foot



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