Seanwork Clarke Dress Hack


When I was searching for inspiration from #seamworkclarke before I make my first one, I saw a beautiful dress that Tino from @sewstartino made. It was made with palm prints on silky fabric. It has a beautiful drape. I thought it was so gorgeous and her dress made me wanted to recreate it. And my light bulb went on in my head? I thought about the fabric that I had in my stash for over 10 years. It wasn’t even in my sight daily. It was stored in my basement. I was shocked by my memory?

Anyway, I knew the fabric didn’t have the drape like her dress, but I decided to go with it since it has palm prints. I thought it is appropriate for Summer, right?

Well, I thought I wanted below knee length for this dress, so I added about 17”, but I wasn’t thinking about longer the length gets, the dress gets wider at the bottom.
Since don’t wear loose fit dress often, I changed my plan and cut shorter to above knees. That way I know I wear more often.

Have you seen that Chalk and Notch released MARCEL DRESS?
Flowy wide at the bottom, trapeze dresses are great for Summer, but I think it doesn’t look good on me.
I think I can try as a top but not as a dress. It looks beautiful on them though. I wish I can pull it off.

Back to my dress, even though I shorten the dress, I still feel it’s baggy on me, but I am happy that I had a chance to try out of my comfort zone.
I like the part that I could slip this dress on and ready to go and keeping me cool.

I will find silky fabric and try this dress again?

I am really into pattern hack since I discovered a pattern hack that Seamwork has. I am not big on pattern hack, but I am slowly warming up to it.
Their instructions are easy to follow. I highly recommended it.
I would like to try Yoke and Gathered Body hack that they have

Happy sewing!



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