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  • Power Sports Bra


I don’t remember exactly how long, (but definitely long enough)

I didn’t have enough workout clothes, but I was procrastinating of buying (because I want to make EVERYTHING even though I know I don’t have to?) that I had to dry leggings in the dryer which result that I was killing Lycra.?

Not to mention, they were my first try for leggings. They weren’t comfortable at all and stitches kept popping out.?
Well, that time is OVER! I wanted to make PLENTY and here they are!

I have learned so much while I was making all these leggings, shorts, and bras.
I discovered maxi-Lock stretch, used wooly nylon for the bobbin and more! They made a world of difference.
Did you know that knit elastic can be cut lengthwise? That is also my discovery that found because I bought wrong with of elastic?
I also tried new clear elastic for bra and it made my bras very stable.

It is OK to make a mistake. Its just fabric. Have fun with it! Now, making workout clothes is one of my favorite things to sew and will be sewing more for sure!


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