Syle Arc Palermo Jacket


This project started with that I wanted to have cream color top to go with these light blue jeans.
I found this knit that I got from JoAnn Fabrics in my stash that I got when I just started sewing. (so many years ago?)
I wanted this Jack to look casual, but it turned out to be dressy looking because of the type of loose-knit.
Because of my fabric choice, it took a couple of hours of wearing to decide if I liked it. I love it now?
Palermo Knit Jacket(#sapalermojacket) from @StyleArc
The construction is not that hard, but this pattern makes you feel like you are playing with a puzzle?
I now understand what people who made this jacket are saying about this pattern.
I know this sounds crazy, but do you think stripe would work for the pattern?
The model on the picture of the pattern is wearing a chunky light brown version of the jacket.
It’s solid, but you see lines created by knitting. The lines go vertically on the back and horizontally from the front.
I think it will look cool?, but the seam on the sleeves probably will not match. Since those seams face on the show, it will likely be very noticeable.
Haha, I asked you a question, and I answered myself ? But, please share your opinion because I could be wrong. I know you guys are awesome ?
I would love @stylearc to share the behind-the-scenes of making this pattern!
Fabric:JoAnn Fabrics that I got years ago.
No alteration added to the pattern


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